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Astro Labs (developed solely by me)
Instruction Packet Question Packet Links & Data
Solar Heating Questions in the packet Uses Stellarium free planetarium software
X-ray SNe Questions Revised from the CLEA XMM Lab
Exobiology Questions Lab Website
Polar Vortex Questions Upper level lab
Galaxy Classification Questions M63 - Red
M63 - Green
M63 - Blue

Astro Tutorials These tutorials were developed by me during my masters in science education at Montana State. Paul Robinson and John Weiss provided feedback and inspiration. The first three use Stellarium and will need to be modified for your location or software situation. They are all related (The first one I developed was the Sun & Stars). I am therefore providing a .docx file for download.
Motions in the Sky - Stars only [.docx]
Motions in the Sky - Sun and Stars [.docx]
Solar Heating [.docx]
This last one is a thought excercise based on what types of power (chemical, gravitational) could power the sun. It was based on an old lab that we used to do at the University of Minnesota (actually burning cereal and calculating).
What Powers the Sun? [.docx] and PDF Format

Astro Powerpoints are available on the Astro Course Website